Chasing Dragon’s

Bipolar is like a dragon. Those who have never met one don’t believe in it and those who have often end up bent to its might and majesty. You can put me in the later and that’s not something I have come out and said right on a blog post before. I have had a few blogs over the years, some pretty sane sounding and some not so (and filled with weird poetry and art). Maybe its my age now I approach my mid forties, I just feel that after dealing with the beast for 25 years, surviving a bout of depression that almost took me off the planet earlier this year I … Was going to say ‘I don’t care any more!’. Really its the opposite. I care to much. I feel to much. This world means everything and nothing.

Although I can’t say I have made friends with my dragon we have an understanding now. We are here, we will never be apart, hear us roar.

And yes this blog may only be read by a handful of people if anyone. But now on server somewhere in the world is a record of my dragons protest.

And I’m still here.

Peace D


4 thoughts on “Chasing Dragon’s

  1. Thank you for posting about this. I’m newly diagnosed and can say it has been a rollercoaster. At times I contribute my art and lifestyle to my illness’s and at times I had it. I look forward to seeing more from you. Cheers!!

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    1. Well feeling brave and stupid at the same time. I’m shocked at my own honesty re-reading that post. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Its frightening when you get your first diagnosis, but you to live around it if not always ‘with’ it.

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