The Morning After (Medication)

Every morning I wake up with a swan on my head and eel’s in my ears and it takes a couple if hours for the world to come into focus. It’s the main reason for not being able to work full time. It’s just not safe for me to drive, or even walk sometimes during those first few waking hours.

The alternative is to drop the meds and invite hypo disaster into my life. Last time I went med free I lasted about two months before the dragon took over and I ended up in hospital again. That was way back in 2007 and with the responsibilty of my young daughter now I dare not risk it.

So its 10am, I’ve been up half an hour and already on my second strong coffee. This is just the way it has to be. Again I don’t have to like it but I know why it’s like this. I can smile. My daughter wants to play with Lego now, so I smile and get on with daily life. With a dragon on my back.

Peace D


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