Life Is Not Everything


Life is not everything, a shadow of me,
exists out there somewhere in the sea.
Breath is not everything, a slight tense,
is making the waking dream come sense.
Light is not everything, the new dark comes,
for the lonely soul who think he has won.
Dark is not everything, light burns the night away
and, well, what else can you say.

You are not my everything, a shard exists,
will not relinquish, will always resist.
I am not everything, I wished I could be,
with eyes closed it is so hard to see.
Love is not everything, it’s cracked,
is it not just about getting one back.
Hate is not everything, it burns the mind,
making the reason for it all hard to find.

I stand alone, I stand together,
we all live this one life forever….

D 2013

(I’ve been getting some nice comments from fellow bloggers and friends on DeviantArt and it has helped my mood. Still I know it’s the chemical imbalance in my head that’s making me feel so dark, the triggers have already tripped, so forgive me if my posts are somewhat morbid for a while. I’m currently searching for my real center.)


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