Compulsory Happiness

Is this the time of year where you’re supposed to be happy? So far it’s been rather an anxious ride of things that must be done for the great day of the 25th. The only thing that has brought joy to my face is watching my daughter decorate the Xmas tree. I know she’s going to be happy with all her presents too when the day comes.

Still it doesn’t feel right living my happiness through my daughter. When people ask me what I want for Xmas I really have nothing to say. Well actually what I want to say is ‘not to be bipolar and surviving on fistful of medication each night.’ … That’s the truth of it. There is no material gift that will fix the damage in my brain so I put on a brave face and hope my daughter has the best time possible.

Bah humbug maybe but happiness is not compulsory.

Anyway I hope the few reader’s that I have get the peace and enjoyment they want this season.




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