Serpents Sky

purple-dragon-v3A dragon flies across my sky,
As I keel over on rock to die.
A dragon feast on all my fallen,
As I scream to madness calling.
A dragon roars out across the land,
As my lady, holds out her hand.
A dragon lives forever more,
A beast I wish I never saw.

The serpent reads from all the books,
With many mutterings of how it looked.

My lady weeps with a bursting heart,
As her battered love will soon depart.

I lie here now on the funeral pyre,
Set to flame by my only sire.

I’ll tell my god, impart my rage.
Tell I about this unfair war that we wage.
Demons and serpents do all they can.
To kill the spirit of the humble man.

D 2003

(Old poem about the rage of the soul that has lost the plot.)


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