golden2eNothings right when nothings wrong,
keep me singing on this old song.
See how far I get gone.

When it all comes down to this,
between the stains and well … wish,
for something better than a miss.

Wash my mind clean right out,
going another round, another bout.
Clean the sins within without.

Help me feel anything right,
help me see another day light.
I can call on your might.

In my reality you never part,
far from the reaches of my heart,
Keep me close to your start,
keep me close to your heart.

D 2013

(After a rather nervous appointment at my doctors I came home to my wife who’s wrapped up in the duvet because she has a stinking cold. It made me realize that no matter how bad my mental health gets I’m one of the lucky ones to have someone to come home to, so this poem is for her).


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