Sorry I thought you were from another planet, the way you came to love me despite our fates, how we overcame our petty hates.

Sorry I thought you had landed from Venus, wrapped in silk and scent of the air, how I fell back into your arms without a fear or a care.

Sorry that I broke your space ship, I’m glad you got it fixed and came back to me. Second time around you’re a wonder to see.

Sorry that we’re now bound for life, twisted round each other thorns and all. Really I know its from the stars we fall.

D Feb 2017



Captain shouts to take us deeper, the vessel creaks and groans. Rivets strain, Valkyries moan. Deep, but not alone.

Sharp breath’s in confined quarters, sweating brows in deadly waters. System hum and sonar falters.

Scraping metal on sea floor bed, we’ve come to rest, out of our heads. Water begins to seap so we take to our beds. Nothing left to say, nothing to be un-said.

D Feb 2017

Fly Safe

I was the last survivor of squadron twenty three. We had burnt across the night, the last act of the free. Holes riddled my wings and aviation fuel leaks. I’d been flying this formation for weeks.

I skimmed the mountain tops and caught the cities flak, we never expected friends to attack. This is the way it was in the new world. Smoke and mirrors, this history unfurled.

As the light goes out on the control panel and I draw my last breath from the oxygen tank. I close my eyes and wait for the impact, knowingly forgiving your thanks.

D Feb 2017

My Fox

My fox breaks fold from it’s leash. Slips into the night and scurries down the lanes. Into the village running from dogs and howling at cats. Iridescent in the street lights he’s matter and fact.

My fox looks through the windows of the empty shops, seeing all the things that you forgot to buy. He darts over gardens while the moon catches his eyes.

My fox finds a mouse to chase, to bring back to the den. With the breaking of dawn he knows his times over when, the day has become his enemy, and the shadows his friend.

D Feb 2017

(I haven’t see a fox for many months, which is shame as I love drawing and looking at them. Posts are a bit slow to at the moment as I have a racking chest infection. Slowly getting better but it’s a lurker. Still I am reading lots of other blogs and am amazed at the talent out there. So thanks to all those I follow.)


Trails of wind bluster through my life. Giving birth to sometimes joy and sometimes strife. I tighten my grip on the scary heights and lean on you to help my fight’s … Sometimes against my self, others against my dragon. You know so well what hells I can imagine.

You stand by me and that’s all I need from you, to know you’re there when reality begins to unglue.

So thanks my mortal angel, you’re stronger than you know in my life’s tapestry fable.

D Feb 2017


Vikti eyes reflect a glowing green pyramid, mind set still to await a spirits bid.

The words are not spoken, and I’m not sure you can hear over this. Though once I touched the sun and I felt Bliss.

The ether reeks of demonic ways, a trance that seems to last for days, fate has a habit of parting the ways.

Vikti casts a rune on the floor, to find out what was never known before. Guide us straight through these mists, as we explore.

Am I finding myself or finding you, and when I finally get there what should I do.

Pushing back the night, being a beacon of light. So now fight, or flight.

D Feb 2017

Valentine Angel

My Valentine wears shining armor and has the wings of an angel, she flutters my heart and over comes what I’m not able.

Her words are true and carry such weight, leave me in disarray and a bit of a state.

I feel I owe you so much but you say it’s just little things you do, you lift me up into the deep sky blue.

So thank you my Valentine for remembering me, and touching my life, and for letting me … just be me.

D Feb 2017


Razer light off glass shining towers, orange haze from the cities lights. Hurtling through the night, the road receding under tyre powers.

Rain lashing against kevlar and leather. Sweat inside, to hot, but this is how I will live forever.

Last drop off of the day, important, life in the balance. This little package strapped to my back, has a life on my reliance.

I lean into the last turn, running on empty, the fuel burnt. I run for the hospital doors, pass security quick, tricks I have learnt.

I hand the packet to the nurse, he beams me a smile. For once in my life I’m a hero, tonight one less person, leaves the ward in a hearse.

D Feb 2017


You slipped into my life and onto the back of my motorcycle, we raced across the city and you gave light to my heart. Little did I know you would soon tear me apart.

You said you were a witch and I didn’t get what you meant, I’m still unsure if you were heaven or hell sent.

We broadcast our signal of union all over the world, devilish music and sub sonic unheards.

And then you said it was over, and I didn’t fight over it. I was just glad to get my spark back, even for a bit.

A decade later the hallucinations become clearer. I know now why you had a been a tattooed Medusa. You were a soul eater, a rot, a primarily sonic seducer.

D Feb 2017

(Took several edits to get the typos out today. Distracted by a hyperactive 3 year old!)


man-with-stick-fishingSparkling shards of mist over dew driven fields.
Sown a crop for the year ahead to yield.
Fate come tie me down to the new calm.
While the church of desire sings its psalm.

Lay my aching body on soft mossy stone,
while feeling the cold leaving my bone.
Stretch to a new dawn coming in lights,
as birds up above arch in their flights.

Peace come lay down beside my body.
Sub warm the skin of this nobody.
Just a traveler through the line of time.
Never pay attention to any of the signs.

D 2013

(I have a habit of just laying on the ground in the garden and staring at the sky. Not sure what the neighbors think but they probably all ready know I’m eccentric.)