You slipped into my life and onto the back of my motorcycle, we raced across the city and you gave light to my heart. Little did I know you would soon tear me apart.

You said you were a witch and I didn’t get what you meant, I’m still unsure if you were heaven or hell sent.

We broadcast our signal of union all over the world, devilish music and sub sonic unheards.

And then you said it was over, and I didn’t fight over it. I was just glad to get my spark back, even for a bit.

A decade later the hallucinations become clearer. I know now why you had a been a tattooed Medusa. You were a soul eater, a rot, a primarily sonic seducer.

D Feb 2017

(Took several edits to get the typos out today. Distracted by a hyperactive 3 year old!)


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