Were you my twin flame, my second half so many miles away. Continent’s split us but souls entwined and stayed.

Your voice echoed in my mind on electronic devices, hands rest cold in manic embraces.

Whispers of your scent scanned in binary, delivered to my claws and finery.

Delusions and demons force the construct, detonated, fall fast and destruct.

Ramblings of a mad man insaner by the hour … But I could of sworn for moment that you were my flower, my source of power.

Let your song sing on in my ears, be with me and erase my fears. My sonic illusion of peace and piety, you’ll be gone with my sobriety.

D March 2017


6 thoughts on “Sonics

    1. It’s 9am in the UK and you have left me some wonderful comments to wake up to. Thank you. I’m going to try and get a piece in but when I sat in front of the computer last night with the word prompt my mind went blank. Think I may have to go traditional and get out the pen and paper.

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      1. I’m glad I gave you something nice to wake to. I’m honestly in awe of your writing. I also understand how hard it is to write ‘on demand’ so to speak. The prompt is also difficult for me, although I like the word ‘madness’ and that word helped me get something brewing in my mind. I have a feeling you will come up with something brilliant. Best wishes and again, I’m glad to have found your blog and really enjoy your writing.

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