I just had to compress 20 years of mental health history into a 20 minute appointment. Stressful, but at least I got the help I needed this time, the drugs that make me sleep like nearly all the time are being replaced with something else. It will be nice wake up in the morning without the drug cloud on my head and not get the munchies in the middle of the night.

I’m kinda nervous about the change and maybe I’m putting to much faith in it but to honest I could not continue this way. I need to be there for my Daughter in the morning not walking round like the undead. Shame I had to raise an official complaint about my psychiatrist to get him into action. Still that’s the NHS lottey, sometimes you get the greatest most committed members of staff, sometimes you get someone who you wonder how the hell they ever got the job.

So as this change happens my posts will no doubt reflect it. Sometimes I wonder if these drugs actually change my personality, will I be the same me, guess time will tell.

Peace be upon you,



3 thoughts on “Appointment

  1. xencyder

    I read something once from a man, a doctor, visiting our country about a shaman in his native country. The person considered a shaman was revealed and esteemed by others. Even when he’d revert into speaking things no one else understood and seeming agony within himself or long periods of silences or periods of massive amounts of energy no one could keep up with, everyone was in awe of him.
    They believed these times were of great value to their society. These were times he would receive epiphanies or enlightenment. And things they listened to and valued. He was a man of high respect. The doctor visiting the the states was in shock by the way we treated what we call the mentally ill. Or mentally challenged. Where he came from they were the opposite of those things.
    I found that supremely interesting

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    1. Interesting, I had heard of remote tribes treating there ill differently. But to be honest I couldn’t handle being hypermanic all the time so I’m happy to take some of the western medication. The stinger for me was I was misdiagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic for seven years and forced under section to take some really evil meds. So yes back then I wish I was a shaman in a remote tribe. Thanks for the great comment though. D.


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