This is Drowning

Plague my nights rising to the surface choking, blitzed from a dream to reality holding to focus floating.

Five times a night she screws me over sweat soaking, no valentine from this era my stamina is beyond breaking.

This is not waving, not even paddling, I stopped breathing again this evening. Every night I find new ways of drowning.

D Dec 2017


Meeting in the Dark

I meet her in the dark corners of the web, I listened to everything she said. She was a star, a ten, a letter from a friend.

She was Russian, Chinese, American, Scandavian, all places at once but from nowhere. Running a rigged pyramid game that was no way fair.

Firewalls burned, routers fried, tinkers and taylors played eye spy. I’m sure I saw her bring bombs down from the sky.

Now as the dust settles and screens, one by one go blank, I wonder if she existed at all. She seemed like such a delicate thing to bring down every wall.

D Dec 2017