Blogging, categories vs tags.

I tend to use categories all the time. Is there any advantage to using tags? Seems like people put a lot more detail in the tags but I feel like I’m just repeating myself.

Any input from the blogosphere on this?

Peace D


6 thoughts on “Blogging, categories vs tags.

  1. The Soumyadeep

    Each tag provides you with a specific (sometimes new) reading base while categories are for your and reader’s ease when using a page. I maybe wrong given my limited experience, but this is true to the best of my knowledge. Good Luck.

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  2. Correct from above. Tags help people on wordpress find relevant content. If someone searches for ‘depression’ on wordpress it will look for all posts tagged with depression. It won’t find your post if you only use a category called ‘Depression’. Hope this helps!

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