Message to the past

What would I tell my younger self, take less of acid and read more wisdom. Don’t be so gullible, some friends are not confidants.

Don’t give into the dragon that wails inside you, she paints a dark world, she swirls and roars but you can fight on through …

… And stay the hell away from psychiatrists.

D March 2017


6 thoughts on “Message to the past

    1. Well it’s slang in the UK for LSD, you may know that but I just realized that some of my international readers won’t. There was a massive Acid House Party scene in the mid nineties, affectionately known as the second summer of love, it was mainly about ecstasy but people were popping acid just as much. Me in my misguided youth included. Thanks for your comment šŸ™‚

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      1. Sorry didn’t mean to be insulting, just ‘acids’ sounds like hydrochloric or something. Well I haven’t taken any for 20 years do yep that’s a habit that’s gone, unfortunately think I already done the damage by the time I gave up šŸ™‚


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