Spirit Wound

swirlsWell of my broken soul you left,
or was it me, did I part from you.
Many mistakes I made for sure,
lost in wonder in for what you do.
Lost my mind in a self made cage,
left me wandering, an unknown how.

Man made madness rules this season,
or was it me, did I leave my mind behind.
Odds stacked that this would work,
love lost in seconds of the blind.
Now I’m on my own, ghost of you,
sense, reason, anything left to find?

You are another one, bright light,
or was it me, did I double take?
Bitter the taste of the past now,
now your ship has left its wake.
Heart blows windswept desert,
trying now to fill with hate.

Hell hath no fury like a spirit doomed.
Till love tender touches a new wound.
Another will come and heal,
all that you did with your zeal.

D 2014


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