In The Interim

I’m currently on an interim discharge from the Psyche Ward and it all being so recent and basically tender, I’m not ready to share my experince of this episode yet. Those following probaly saw the signs coming.

So below is a screenshot of one of the passions that I have and I use to stay calm. Gaming with rockets and planes in Kerbal Space Program. This is a test flight of an early model Sounding rocket, it has 3 solid booster stages and can carry a limited number of experiments to 25000m and return them safely. I can bore you endlessly with this and it is an avoidance subject while I scrape the huge amounts of s**t off my fan.

Enjoy. Peace D.

PS: All previous posts where batch deleted then re-instated, so the orders out of sync and I have no energy to organize that mess. It’s random, take it as it is.



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