How can?

How can I tell you that there is no further you can break my heart, all the quips, cold shoulder statements, dismissals all added to tear my insides apart.

How can I tell you that this empty shell no longer cares, of the wounds you threaten to inflict or the scars you wish to bare.

How can I tell you now I’m stronger than ever, as a broken heart doesn’t last forever…

… You see during your fire storm forgot to take stock and see, and I know now all I need to survive; is me.

D July 2018


Hear no, See no, Speak no.

The 3 things that have helped most attain peaceful times in my bipolar world, discreet ear defenders (hear no evil), taking my glasses off and embrace the fuzziness (see no evil), not passing judgment so quickly (speak no evil)… Obviously the first two don’t apply while driving.

Peace D


It’s been over 30 for weeks now here hence the lack of interest in my blog. You really don’t want to hear about my sweaty nights and bad moods. New psyche is awesome though and maybe this time we’re get the combination right. Also I find gel ice packs help with not only the heat but the pain from my Anyklosing Spondylitis, so much so I’m down 1/3 of the codeine I was on.

Mainly positive life stuff but dam its hot and yes I still have the committee in my head (voices) but their playing fair for now. I just have except its part of me.

Peace D