Moment of Self Pity

Whether it’s my illness or just conspiring events, I’m on a paranoid low and feeling quite gutless. I’m also recovering from pneumonia.

I feel those close to me are hiding something and I’ve run out of places to turn for or to get help.

So I live in a fog of dread that’s very discouraging and I can only hope that a ray of sunlight breaks through soon.

Tale of self pity I know




12 thoughts on “Moment of Self Pity

    1. Crawling out of my hole slowly, but it’s a slow process as always, thanks for asking though, Pneumonia can take 6 months to repair, so very breathless but most of the infection is gone. Mentally, kinda just taking it as it comes and not overthinking. D.


  1. Hello… I just happened to come across your blog, from reading a comment you left on Angela’s.
    I hope you are feeling better… Pneumonia does wipe you out and can really affect your whole perspective on what is happening around you. I’ve had it twice, and it sure did a number to me too.
    Add that to having a mental illness, and “Oh Boy,!” nothing good comes from it.
    Hang in there!

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      1. It’s the best I’ve found to, I’ve tried forum’s like Mind but they just make me feel worse. At least here I get a good cross section of society and learn from it daily.

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