Starship In a Soul

I stare at the stars and realised that my entire history has brought me to this point.

Eyes full of wonder on how it came to be, with to many close calls to count.

To think I almost voted for out; you’re eyes pulled me back and showed me how to stand.

Maybe one day, but not today, my spaceship will land.

D September 2018


Bullet Bipolar Tales

I’m the shell shocked lover with a bullet ridden mind,

A labyrinthine tale of woe and highs you’ll ever find.

Don’t hold me tight in the night I may just explode,

Or fall to pieces slowly over the years I reaped then sowed.

So I don’t know if you can hear over this plane crash,

Maybe you shouldn’t hang around while I burn and flash.

I could say I love you but I’m not sure which voice said it,

I feel it coming again but you and me baby are a tight fit, will we split… Or fight these mindless demons and stick!

D August 2018

Tender Words

It’s seems like months, maybe years, since you looked at me without holding back the tears.

All it took was for you realize that just because I’m up or down or running around the garden in a dressing gown. Underneath the madness the spark of your love was still there and in my heart that shard never stopped the caring bound. And in my head your thoughts rang so loud.

I loved you then, I love you now and how ever far my mind wanders I will always be yours. I’m just sorry my love is hard and I spend a lot of time kicking myself to the floor.

D April 2018