Flying Without Wings

When the screens filled with body parts and vaginal clip ‘art’ … I smoked it all away. I knew no other way.

I lost the best years of my life to three rizla, a clipper and a paranoid induced memory of a Bavarian Motor Works zipping into the night. Finger on the stanley ready for a fight … and I smoked it all away, I knew no other way.

Twenty years later I’m stone cold sober and the body parts are real. The female exploitation contained real people. It didn’t go away as the bombs fell and the palm trees swayed.

I just pressed pause and now this shits real. Who hell made the world surreal. But you know it’s fine, you sit on the bench getting stoned because you don’t want to see the sober evil I see in mens eyes. You don’t want realization that no may how much you smoke to get high, you will never ever learn to fly.

D April 2018.