Crazy Soldier

So I took another bullet on the chin, like you’re trying to shoot out your sins.

Am I just your target because I’m the last man standing. The deaths of all my unit you had a hand in.

So what now? Your clip is empty, and I’m still here. Going to bring the reinforcements from the rear? Not this year;

I’m the crazy batshit soldier that burnt all the bridge’s.

D April 2018


Batteries and guns.

Your wires have crossed my bed frame and you wake me up with a shot gun discharge. No way this is treatment, this is psychologically murdering my sanity … or what’s left and is more a reflection of your vanity.

But my friend do you have the strength to pull the trigger yourself. Or will you leave it to your minions and your majic elf?

Then when it happens will you realize that we are just an apparition and we had already taken point; in a much better position?

D April 2018

The Irony Of Tradition

The Irony of the traditional British fox hunt is it takes a pack of at least 30 hounds and at least 6 riders (often armed) and in the end the 🦊 one fox still gets away. Often only coming to harm if it’s escape routes are altered or dis-scented. A male will also run away from the Den to avoid harm to the family.

But hey at least he’s given a chance above ground unlike those who smoke out a fox family from its Den. That’s not sport and unless you have proof of damaged property is basically just sick. But hey that’s people for you


Peace D