Between you and me….

It is not worth remembering, the way you moved the walls, bent the halls, stood so tall… Over me.

I know you can lash out at any time and make me know pain, from insane to sane and back again. Your credentials hold but I do not wain.

I’m heading straight to fortress, the trees make my buttress, you can scorch the land, turn my body to sand…

… But you don’t see my old man watching me from up there, bringing me peace and making it fair.

Keep your faith rooms, while I’ll just keep the faith.

D November 2018


Sometimes Being Home Is The Best Wander.

I got what I thought was an odd Christmas present from my mum in middle of my winter crisis, the thermal flask above. At the time the last thing I wanted to do was explore but now I kinda get the message, I don’t think it’s was meant in a literally go forth and wander sense. More like, your bipolar,it sucks, explore ways to cope with it and keep yourself out of hospital. I carry it everywhere now and the the most wonderful thing about this flask is my daughter thinks water from it is the best ever (even though it’s just from the tap). You know I think she’s right. Thanks mum.

Peace D

Saxon Runic Poem


Beleive it or not there is a big difference between saxon (english) and norse (germanic) runes neither of which make me sovereign to that nation just because I can write in them [and yes this is specifically targeted at the nurse who whispered ‘were not German’ outside my room door during my manic episode on the ward, how comforting you were).

Anyway this is for you, it’s about foxes and if you want to know what it says maybe you should study your 600ad history of England (Anglend derived from the DANISH part of europe where England got its name during the Viking raiding era) a bit more.

Peace D

Stirring in the sin;

A little bit power may take you a long way but you’ll wake up just as much part of the system on the next day

Steal my mind, steal my heart, steal my privacy, steal my pride, in fact you can have it all, but it’s me on the other side of the glass… are you sure you know which side of the cage your on. Because I see bear traps all around you and an abyss behind me I have no fear of.

Be sure this is what you want before the bombs begin to fall in your back yard.

Didn’t you know life was hard.

D April 2018

In The Interim

I’m currently on an interim discharge from the Psyche Ward and it all being so recent and basically tender, I’m not ready to share my experince of this episode yet. Those following probaly saw the signs coming.

So below is a screenshot of one of the passions that I have and I use to stay calm. Gaming with rockets and planes in Kerbal Space Program. This is a test flight of an early model Sounding rocket, it has 3 solid booster stages and can carry a limited number of experiments to 25000m and return them safely. I can bore you endlessly with this and it is an avoidance subject while I scrape the huge amounts of s**t off my fan.

Enjoy. Peace D.

PS: All previous posts where batch deleted then re-instated, so the orders out of sync and I have no energy to organize that mess. It’s random, take it as it is.