Bullets don’t stop ideas.

Something I’m working on the moments, no matter the size of your tank and cannon your cannot kill imagination (though the imagineer may be mortal, but ideas have this way of spreading, especially the ones based on honour and truth, yeah those ones have a nasty way of kicking you in the arse when you least expect)

Peace D


Saxon Runic Poem


Beleive it or not there is a big difference between saxon (english) and norse (germanic) runes neither of which make me sovereign to that nation just because I can write in them [and yes this is specifically targeted at the nurse who whispered ‘were not German’ outside my room door during my manic episode on the ward, how comforting you were).

Anyway this is for you, it’s about foxes and if you want to know what it says maybe you should study your 600ad history of England (Anglend derived from the DANISH part of europe where England got its name during the Viking raiding era) a bit more.

Peace D

So It Is?

Sometimes betrayal comes from the most unexpected places and can be a long time coming. So I’m very sorry for aiming at the wrong targets during my meltdown (IE; My immediate family and friends) Am happy at those who stood by me through it all but now my eyes are wide open.


Peace (and honestly I’m trying to keep it that way) D