Sleep Enhanced State

So just got back from the sleep clinic at the hospital. I have extras to add to my sleep apnea machine as I keep tearing it off in the night going sleep walking (normally in the search for a drink and food, that’s the olazapine effect).

Now I have a humidity unit attached to back of my unit which will hopefully stop my mouth drying out. Also a different face mask that let’s me breathe through my mouth and nose at the same time (instead of one or the other like the other mask).

It all seems very generous from the NHS but just the 1 or 2 hours I’ve getting off the machine have been really helpful. But hey not drowning in your sleep is a good thing right? And could lead me back to a normal productive life where I can be slightly more useful.

So I’ll see how it goes tonight. It would be a dream to spend one whole night in bed without waking say less the three times.

(off course my paranoid bipolar mind is telling me this is a secret space test mission for her royal highnesses secret space program, but hey I’m nuts so I can say that kinda of crazy shit!)

Peace D


New Head Gear

I’m trying to be positive about my new head gear for yet another invisible illnesses (sleep apnea).

Kinda makes me look like a high altitude fighter pilot. Hope they give me a cool looking white jet to go with it. Maybe an F22 raptor that drops medical supplies instead of bombs.

Thank you NHS for footing the bill. As always under pressure but awesome.

Peace D