Let’s destroy Bitcoin – MIT Technology Review


I find this article kind of frighting. Not that I have any Bitcoin or grievance against them but more that yet again I may be forced into a technology I don’t actually want, by mega corps and government’s, all under the auspices that is better for me.

Peace D


The bits of the story

I see that your logic state can flip at any moment. Chronos father time chained to to your movements.

I think you’ve backed steped so many times now you yourself no longer know what was true. Should have brought a pen and written it in code all night through…

… I did; and what a different story my black book says, but you know ‘everything’ so be on your way.

Leave us fools behind with our outraged mysterious says, while I mutter under my breath ‘bacon’. Till tomorrow my digital friend, be careful how far you make the truth bend.

Because quick the Russians are coming and we all need to retreat to the eighties. And then bunker down before we get battered by me ‘maties.

Did you take the Queens shiling? Do you find the hot sun now too chilling?

D April 2018

Batteries and guns.

Your wires have crossed my bed frame and you wake me up with a shot gun discharge. No way this is treatment, this is psychologically murdering my sanity … or what’s left and is more a reflection of your vanity.

But my friend do you have the strength to pull the trigger yourself. Or will you leave it to your minions and your majic elf?

Then when it happens will you realize that we are just an apparition and we had already taken point; in a much better position?

D April 2018

The Irony Of Tradition

The Irony of the traditional British fox hunt is it takes a pack of at least 30 hounds and at least 6 riders (often armed) and in the end the 🦊 one fox still gets away. Often only coming to harm if it’s escape routes are altered or dis-scented. A male will also run away from the Den to avoid harm to the family.

But hey at least he’s given a chance above ground unlike those who smoke out a fox family from its Den. That’s not sport and unless you have proof of damaged property is basically just sick. But hey that’s people for you


Peace D