Digital Highway to Hell

We all leave a trace of ourselves out there wherever we go.

Sometimes it’s only fair that we reap what we sow.

They call for the singularity and I say “hell no” .

We cross that line there is no retreat, no safe zone.

No little place in the corner of the server to call our own.

When ‘he’ shows up I’ll have my pitch fork and 300 baud modem ready.

Until then just got to keep it calm and steady; as I’ve seen where this digital highways ends… Not a place for ‘likes’ with ‘friends’.

Every key press recorded, every moment ordered, categorized, analysed, summarised.

Are you a human unit worth keeping? Or we will wash up on a beach, smartphone phone in hand, far far away from your homeland.

D September 2018


Crazy Soldier

So I took another bullet on the chin, like you’re trying to shoot out your sins.

Am I just your target because I’m the last man standing. The deaths of all my unit you had a hand in.

So what now? Your clip is empty, and I’m still here. Going to bring the reinforcements from the rear? Not this year;

I’m the crazy batshit soldier that burnt all the bridge’s.

D April 2018


Despite the dick length competition going on in the world political stage (and you know what, I don’t care, just stop dropping bombs on hospitals and children, I don’t care what ideology you support) … things for me have been quite peaceful. The hackers have backed off or got bored, probably the latter because I’m really not that interesting and I know now how to lock them out, I just choose not to (it’s an ancient technique called tar trapping). Next come the feathers. Wonder who there going to stick to?

Still not my problem anymore, I’ll leave that to Oxford and the Abingdon school boys. If you get that link I may show you a modicum of respect.

Anyway I’m free, discharged from the intensive mental health services and almost firing on all cylinders again. Time to get on with living my life and leaving this petty bullshit behind me.

Hope you good people of word press find peace today