Personal Rune Reading

I haven’t done a personal Rune reading for a very long time, but a brief interpretation is as long as I don’t let the darkness engulf me I stand to inherit something. The fact that darkness is in the negative position and Sol is in the positive is rather unique. But yes currently stuck on the thorn, sounds about right, hopefully there’s a rose somewhere (opportunity).

Peace D


Saxon Runic Poem


Beleive it or not there is a big difference between saxon (english) and norse (germanic) runes neither of which make me sovereign to that nation just because I can write in them [and yes this is specifically targeted at the nurse who whispered ‘were not German’ outside my room door during my manic episode on the ward, how comforting you were).

Anyway this is for you, it’s about foxes and if you want to know what it says maybe you should study your 600ad history of England (Anglend derived from the DANISH part of europe where England got its name during the Viking raiding era) a bit more.

Peace D

Trinary Computers

The weird thing about coming out of hypermania is some of the crazy ideas you bring out might actually work. Last time I developed a theoretical Runic computer but upon further investigation it was nothing but a different Turin machine.

This time using the TTL 555 timing chip and some clever soldering I may have the genesis of a Trinary computer. Basically a Base 3 mathematical device. At first it would be totally unhackable because all the code would need to start from scratch and I would probably hard wire the OS. But hell it may just prove useful for let’s say automated cars, anti hack built-in from the ground up. Add a layer obscurations by having a Runic interface. And of course a back door to gain control of units gone rogue. A line of code for it would look like this;

AAB CAB CCA BAC in decimal using X operand 2 2 6 6, and the ABC would be the respective first aett Rune from the 3 families of the Elder Futhark.

I’ll draw it up one night and plot the PCB. This is not Turin because it is not binary so none of Booles rules apply.

You never know I may replace the 555 with an actual mechanical clock making the device somewhat EMP proof.

Peace D