Stirring in the sin;

A little bit power may take you a long way but you’ll wake up just as much part of the system on the next day

Steal my mind, steal my heart, steal my privacy, steal my pride, in fact you can have it all, but it’s me on the other side of the glass… are you sure you know which side of the cage your on. Because I see bear traps all around you and an abyss behind me I have no fear of.

Be sure this is what you want before the bombs begin to fall in your back yard.

Didn’t you know life was hard.

D April 2018


Mothers Day

baby-baby-with-mom-mother-kiss-tenderness-67663.jpegIt must be one of the hardest things in the world seeing your son or daughter destroy themselves in the chaos of a bi-polar episode. So todays post is short and dedidcated to those mothers who have to struggle through the illness and its secondary trauma.

Peace D