Reeds in the sand

Wind blows the tough grasses that hold onto their sand dunes, waving gently to the vast ocean behind which could swallow them soon.

But still they cling, binding sand and forming land.

For me to stand on top and wonder if it was a temporary error of memory or a black op.

D January 2019


Between you and me….

It is not worth remembering, the way you moved the walls, bent the halls, stood so tall… Over me.

I know you can lash out at any time and make me know pain, from insane to sane and back again. Your credentials hold but I do not wain.

I’m heading straight to fortress, the trees make my buttress, you can scorch the land, turn my body to sand…

… But you don’t see my old man watching me from up there, bringing me peace and making it fair.

Keep your faith rooms, while I’ll just keep the faith.

D November 2018

The Split Mind

So in my head are two worlds, the everyday consensus that avoids the swirls of the madness of the other universe.

I don’t remember when it happened, this split, between what you say is real and what you say is perverse.

Maybe it was always this way, just no one noticed it until I started pointing the insanity in your world, the bombs, the guns, the stimulated torture as entertainment from Hollywood.

I know I go to dark places in my head but you cannot say that everything in your world is shiny and good.

So I live the schism, a dual belief system and only one of which is for my benefit. I think in all though the fuse has been lit… And there’s no going back.

D May 2018