So I stop for a second and grab my hand on the rails of reality to find nothing changed. People still hurt, hurt each other, practiced death on the firing range.

Now I miss the spiralling insanity, where for just moment it all made sense. Instead of this overwhelming international indifference.

They remix this then they remix that and fire it at you as a matter of fact. Though the truth is not on a screen, in a book or some smooth spoken tact.

The truth dies to be buried so we are not blinded by its harshness. The natural order is a cruel mistress, and I see no way past this.

So I grab reality again then spin it as hard as I can, reach orbital velocity so I don’t have to deal with the truth that is man.

D May 2018


Lithium Swords

The thirty ton tank breaks the top of the hill, I gobble the prescriptions pills. The cannon shakes and an unknown foe falls. For they battle to own it all.

So I dream of dragons and lithium swords, nothing can break this broad. Though I’m only flesh bone and as brittle as this cheap Chinese phone.

I dream dragons to scorch the earth but my mind has no worth. The idle thoughts of a madman, stuck in the sinking sand.

D April 2018

The 80 kg backpack

I’m sick of this load, most of which isn’t mine. I look to sky and find nothing but contrails for signs.

Made me a beast of burden to carry your ills. But I’ll be damned if you’re going to break up will.

For I have seen you for what you are, a cog in a machine and you’ve pushed it to far.

The brittle teeth are worn or snapped. And there’s no oil left in this 80 kilogram backpack I’ve had strapped.

So I drop it to the floor with a thundering crash, this is not surrender, this is the dance of the flashed.

No longer blinded by your techno tricks, and to end all of this one button needs to be flicked.

So I’ll meet by the beach and wait for the boat that will never come. Then step into the water as world comes undone.

D April 2018