Privacy Policy

I am running the Personal Plan from which in hand is handled by a company called Automattic. They have created the domain, and handle all the backend stuff for me so I can get on with Blogging. Here’s their privacy policy of which I presume applies to this site Privacy (18/9/2018)

As this is non profit site I’m not here to steal all you personal information. If you interact with a post (like or comment), I get your blog link, Username, Email and any photos attached to them (if your using to) or I just get the details you entered into the comment box of the post plus your IP address is recorded to.

In my case I would only ever use IP information if a trolling situation started and in 7 years of using WordPress this has not happened.

Also I use a plugin called Aksimet to reduce spam, it has its own privacy terms under the comment box.

Analytics on my dashboard give me which posts have been hit, liked and which countries my readership is coming from (though location is NOT linked to activity, and from what I have found can be highly inaccurate and as a tool not much use for me).

I feel I have to post this to stay in the realms of the New GDRP which affects the UK now where I reside. Though I’m not for profit you can never be to sure so I’d rather be as transparent as possible than suffer the wrath of some new law.

Lastly this site is rated PG with WordPress because I use the occasional swear word, and use pictures that may been unsuitable for the young.

Please note and are different organizations, what applies to one may not apply to the other.

Stay safe out there.

Daniel Evans