Reeds in the sand

Wind blows the tough grasses that hold onto their sand dunes, waving gently to the vast ocean behind which could swallow them soon.

But still they cling, binding sand and forming land.

For me to stand on top and wonder if it was a temporary error of memory or a black op.

D January 2019


Starship In a Soul

I stare at the stars and realised that my entire history has brought me to this point.

Eyes full of wonder on how it came to be, with to many close calls to count.

To think I almost voted for out; you’re eyes pulled me back and showed me how to stand.

Maybe one day, but not today, my spaceship will land.

D September 2018


I need proof of my existence like I need a bullet to the head.

For all I know this is all a dream and the whole world is already dead.

I’ll float in this spiral of empty essence, spinning in infinity,

There’s no book in the world to prove my heritage and divinity.

How the hell are you ever going to understand my insanity?

When you don’t even accept yours….

D September 2018